Who am I?

Hello, my name is Gabriel and I’m living in Mendoza, Argentina, I’m an experienced systems engineer and DevOps Practitioner. I’ve been working implementing systems, solutions and creating different tools to help deliver software faster in a safe and secure way for the last 15 years, I’m always working on myself to get better and learn more, I’m always reading about new technologies and tools, I also put some of my ideas and tests in my blog.

A bit of history about myself, I started at a very young age playing with linux using it as a router on really really old computers with minimalist distributions, after some time I started learning about networking and got the CCNA certification which made me gain more interest in linux, after some more time I started working as a system administrator which basically was automating and helping/working with developers and product owners to deliver systems, applications and products in a secure and reliable way, over the years I have worked with different languages, distributions, virtual machines and finally containers and serverless functions (kubeless, lambda), and many other tools,

I’m planning to start another blog soon to document my web3 journey, I think writing and explaining things really helps to cement and put everything learned in the long term memory, part of this is what I have learnt about smart contracts.

Some of my hobbies are playing guitar, ridding my bike and coding.

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English: Advanced

Spanish: Mother language

Academic training

2013 - Present (On hold)

UE 21 - Computer Science, Completed 28/52 school subjects, Mendoza, Argentina

03/1999 - 04/2003

High School. E.P.E.T. 4, San Juan, Argentina.


1/2021 - 03/2021

Certified Blockchain Developer, ChainShot.

Validation URL:

12/2021 - 12/2024

Certified Kubernetes Security Specialist, CNCF.

Validation code: LF-f61p22qtoc

Validation URL:

12/2020 - 12/2023

Certified Kubernetes Administrator, CNCF.

Validation code: LF-xo98l67b66

Validation URL:

03/2020 - 03/2023

AWS Solutions Architect Associate, AWS.

Validation code: H463WEK13F4419CD

Validation URL:

Work Experience

07/2021 - Current time

Mural (Tactivos S.A.): Sr. System Reliability Engineer (Remote).

Mural is a product-focused company for teams collaboration, Discover digital-first visual collaboration with MURAL. More than an online whiteboard, where everyone contributes equally and hard problems are solved faster.

Some of the things I do are collaborate to grow internal modules and tools, processes and services. Designing and creating Infrastructure as Code (e.g. Terraform). Monitor site stability and performance and troubleshoot site issues, improve or create internal tools as needed to automate or improve current processes. some of the technologies used are: kubernetes, node, typescript, atlas, mongodb, terraform, git, azure, jira, github actions, and many others.

07/2019 - 07/2021

Caylent Inc: Sr. DevOps Engineer (Remote)

Caylent provides on-demand custom DevOps outsourcing services, working alongside with many different teams sizes and project types to bring them to a modern state considering the current best practices and security guidelines, focusing on the infrastructure so the client can focus on the product.

Some of the things I did there were containerize applications, migrations to cloud environments, load testing, collaborate to grow internal modules and tools, processes and services, designing and creating Infrastructure as Code (e.g. Terraform). Designing and maintaining modern application CI/CD pipelines (e.g. CircleCI, GitLab, Github actions). SSO configurations, and Cloud-first initiatives. some of the technologies used were: kubernetes, helm, haproxy, redis, python, node, go, nginx, mysql/aurora, postgresql/aurora, terraform, git, AWS, jira, circleci, gitlab-ci, github actions, kibana, prometheus, elasticsearch, grafana, and many others.

05/2018 - 06/2019

Santex America S.A.: DevOps Engineer (Remote).

Santex provides on-demand custom web development outsourcing services. Working with Lavu and allongside all IT, Development and QA members supporting and improving the infrastructure and software products.

Some othe things I did there were containerize applications of all development, test, staging and future production microservices (migrating from openvz) and creating all CI pipelines for it. Also setup of AWS with terraform and cloud administration. Installation, and management of the development kubernetes cluster, deployments and helper tools (helm charts). Deployments to current production in openvz using blue-green strategies, configuration of build/deploy pipelines, documentation of the different implementations, backups to s3/glacier. Some of the technologies used were: haproxy, memcached, redis, yaml, kubectl, python, node, go, apache2, mysql, postgresql, terraform, bash, nginx, php-fpm, mediawiki, openvz, centos, docker, kubernetes, git, AWS, jira, bamboo (atlassian), kibana, prometheus, elasticsearch, fluent-bit, grafana, ansible.

09/2016 - 05/2018

OpenMinds: Sysadmin.

Openminds provides system administration as a service, some of the services that it provides are virtualization, containerization and cloud administration, deployment configurations and monitoring also use of pipelines and automation wherever is possible.

Some of the things I did there were in charge of design, installation and management of IT solutions mainly based on Linux and Open Source software (mail, dns, db, web). Specializations: network security, virtualization systems, high availability clusters, information assurance and server administration tasks. Level 3 support for HostSailor Inc and administration tasks such as implementing chef, and other automation tools. Document processes about the different IT solutions, and provide a fast and accurate response to critical issues. Dockerization and AWS (mostly) cloud administration. Some of the technologies used: apache2, mysql, postgresql, chef, bash, postfix, bind9, nginx, php-fpm, backuppc, blocksync, dokuwiki, openvpn, ldap (slapd), kvm, xen, openvz, debian, ubuntu, centos, cloudlinux, LVM, iptables, iproute2, git, samba4, fail2ban, ruby (chef), gitlab, docker, AWS, jenkins.

06/2008 - 09/2016

Workjoy S.A: Sysadmin (Remote).

Workjoy is a software factory and also does outsourcing of professionals, it has clients in Argentina as in the United States.

Some of the things I did there were in charge of the design and deployment of solutions and applications, management over several cloud providers and everything that is infrastructure related, created and maintained closed chef-like solution to manage thousands of servers across many cloud providers. Some of the technologies used were: bash, perl, ruby, golang, cacti, nagios, mysql, postgres, nginx, apache2, php-fpm, openvpn, debian, powerdns, squid, iptables, iproute2, git, opensmtpd, powermta, jenkins, docker.


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